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FREE Qigong in the Woods

It's my birthday on Monday 20th March and I invite you all to a free Qigong session in the beautiful setting of Lineover Wood near Cheltenham.
Everyone is wel


Here is some information for your session.

Start time is 2pm so please arrive with plenty of time to walk the 5 minutes (approximately) from the car park to our location.

Be sure to dress for the weather so you stay warm and dry. The session will go ahead unless extreme weather stops it. Please wear comfortable clothing and suitable footwear (it can be muddy).

Lineover Wood (which dates back over 1000 years) is located off the A40 Cheltenham to Oxford road opposite the reservoir. The entrance is next door to Koloshi restaurant.

The Lineover Wood entrance off the A40 is quite small and the A40 is quite a fast road so please take care when turning into and out of the entrance. It looks like this:














After you have turned off the main road you will drive a short distance up a bumpy track to the car park. The entrance to the car park:














Please park in the free car park (with room for approximately 20 cars) and ahead you will see this sign:














Look over to your right and you will see a gate with an entrance:














Go through the gate entrance and down the path. It is uneven so please take care:














Keep walking and you will cross this bridge:














A few more minutes (the path goes uphill here) and you will see the “Cedar Cathedral” on your LEFT just after the fork in the path and the bench on the right. You have arrived!















Be aware that it is on a slight slope.

I look forward to practising Qigong with you amongst the magnificent trees!

Warmest wishes,


Please note: If the car park is full you may park in the car park of Koloshi restaurant and use the footpath parallel to the road which leads to Lineover Wood.

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