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Qigong in the Park bench
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The wonderful members of our Pittville Park community Qigong class have been donating for many years to tree charities. In 2023 we collected enough to donate a bench to Woodland Trust. Here it is installed in Lineover Wood near Cheltenham (where we have our Monday "Qigong in the Woods" class). A huge thank you to everyone that contributed to this peaceful resting place in a beautiful ancient woodland.
Master Wing Cheung workshops
photo MWC April 2024.jpeg
Master Wing Cheung made a rare visit to England this month to lead some Qigong training workshops. Some of us were lucky enough to attend and benefit from his teachings down on the south coast for a few days. We studied Nei Gong and Hua Shan Breathing techniques. Thank you to the organisers for hosting and to Master Wing Cheung for sharing his knowledge with us.

Qigong (pronounced "chee gong") is an ancient Chinese healing art and self-cultivation system. This includes simple, gentle movement, posture, breathing techniques, self-massage and meditation.

These practices can improve and maintain health: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We bring in fresh "Qi" (life energy) to nourish and energise the body. At the same time the mind is calmed, bringing a welcome balance to our lives.

Try one of our free videos on our "Free Resources" page and/or come and join us for an online or in-person session to bring more vitality, peace and freedom into your life!

"Thank you for your clarity and inspiring teaching."

Dr J. C, UK

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