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Welcome to Shibashi Qigong

Relax, Rebalance, Renew

** No classes: 16/03/24 - 20/03/24 inclusive **

*** Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon ***

Shibashi Qigong

Tai Chi Cheltenham 18 Karen Soo

Song of Dragon
I am an unquenchable fire,
the centre of all energy,
the stout heroic heart.
I am truth and light,
I hold power and glory in my sway.
My presence disperses dark clouds,
I have been chosen to tame the Fates.

I am Chen, the Visionary.
- Theodore Lau

** We wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy and harmonious New Year! **
Friendly February Calendar
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Daily positive actions for inspired living with this month's Action for Happiness calendar.
Shibashi Set 2 Demo Chinese New Year
We were kindly invited by Pates Grammar School Cheltenham to join their Chinese New Year celebration 2024 and share our Shibashi Qigong Set 2 practice. A big THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered to take part, you did a wonderful job representing our group - calm, sincere, flowing - well done! Thanks also go to Pates for hosting this community event, to all the participants for contributing a variety of cultural wonders and to Marley for filming.

Also, to celebrate Chinese New Year, some of us enjoyed a lovely lunch at Bangkok Thai restaurant in Cheltenham. See below:

Qigong (pronounced "chee gong") is an ancient Chinese healing art and self-cultivation system. This includes simple, gentle movement, posture, breathing techniques, self-massage and meditation.

These practices can improve and maintain health: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We bring in fresh "Qi" (life energy) to nourish and energise the body. At the same time the mind is calmed, bringing a welcome balance to our lives.

Try one of our free videos on our "Free Resources" page and/or come and join us for an online or in-person session to bring more vitality, peace and freedom into your life!

"Thank you for your clarity and inspiring teaching."

Dr J. C, UK

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